Our warranty is truly simple. Your purchase will work as intended for a lifetime.

Word of mouth is everything to a small company, and ours is no different. We absolutely care about what anyone who purchases our product will say about it. Therefore we back up everything we make.

Specifically, we ensure that all our products, and the materials they are crafted from, are free of any defects due to workmanship. We will either repair or exchange your purchase if any of the workmanship is at fault. Guaranteed.

Things like scratches, cosmetic wear, blemishes, coating / patina wear, rust, and dulling of the blade from use are not covered. Adjustments to the products (we did not perform) and such are also not covered.

The product must be used for what it is intended for. This is the simple agreement between us. We cite common sense as the intended use.

Do not use for prying or hammering (use a hammer instead). Please extrapolate with other types of unintentional use.

Extended and repeated exposure to water, especially salt water, without care or maintenance can cause issues. After either submersion or long exposure to water, washing and drying the components will have them last that much longer- and is suggested. We use high quality steel, however basic maintenance after exposure to the worst weather conditions our planet has, will keep things functioning as you expect. If you have any questions at all, please contact us!

A basic care and maintenance instruction is packaged with every product. But please click through here for further information and instruction.

For warranty claims, contact us before sending. You will pay for shipping on the way in to us, if the issue is our fault, you will be reimbursed.

-Coastline Blade Co.