The Levee

The Levee: Forage

The Levee: Forage is equipped with a Curved Blade to get into the hard to reach places that mushrooms grow. The curved blade and slightly rounded tip is the practical way to gather up that epic find for tonight’s dinner.

Of course washing mushrooms is forbidden, and so The Levee: Forage is equipped with a cleaning brush that folds right out of the handle, ready to use.

The Levee: Camp

The Levee: Camp is equipped with a Clip-Point blade. The curved belly and strong tip is perfect for the regular tasks you would find around a modern campsite. Cutting paracord and splitting small starter kindling for a fire is only the beginning of its usefulness.

Once the fire is going and shelter is set, its time to kick back. The Levee: Camp is equipped with a bottle opener (and prybar). Kick back well prepared.

The Levee: Sail

The Levee: Sail is equipped with a slightly curved blade and a heavily rounded tip. The high seas are unstable, here is the blade without tip.

*In a modern and urban world, the rounded tip is perfect for opening boxes without clipping inner contents!

The Marlin Spike is a sailors tool for the handling of knots and hitching onto ropes with tension. A traditional tool in a modern design.

The Levee: Golf

The Levee: Golf is equipped with a modern Tanto style blade. The straight edge and up-swept tip gives a very modern look and an alternate edge for fine detail cutting. Urban detail cuts are much easier and quickly accomplished.

A divot replacement fork folds out of the handle of The Levee: Golf. Fix a distracted swing or to lift tapas with a fork of your own, you are prepared.

Levee: Gallery